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Conveniently smack-dab in the middle of your 3-day weekend, this year’s World Beard Day falls on Saturday, September 5th. Celebrated internationally amongst bearded men, World Beard Day promotes the status of beards worldwide as well as the happiness of people with beards. It’s a day when bearded folk get a break from jobs or chores, and – according to the World Beard Day website – are waited on by the beardless (we’re not complaining).

As one might expect, shaving is highly frowned upon on this day.

To celebrate World Beard Day, we’ll be sharing some fun World Beard Day facts, celebration suggestions in case you decide to hold a shindig, and where to find local celebrations.

World Beard Day Facts

A few interesting facts about how World Beard Day is celebrated (via World Beard Day’s website):

  • World Beard Day is believed to have originated with the Vikings, who dedicated a special day to glorifying beards. Sometimes this special day occurred hundreds of times each year. As typical of Viking celebrations, beard worship days involved the bearded men ransacking and plundering towns and villages.

  • Anyone without a beard in the Swedish village of Dönskborg is banished from the town and forced to spend 24 hours in a nearby forest. Back in town, the bearded men burn effigies of their clean-chinned loved ones.

  • In Southern Spain, townships gather to witness a boxing match between a bearded man and a beardless boy. Armed with a sharp pike, the bearded man is typically the victor.

To Celebrate...

  • Form an all-bearded human pyramid

  • Play Pin-the-Beard-on-the-Guy – Self explanatory

  • Break bread with your bearded brethren

  • Host a BBQ with beard-friendly foods like Vodka and hot dogs

  • Cleanchin Darts – Post a photo of your least favorite clean-shaven dude on a dart board and go at it

Local Celebrations

Celebrations are being hosted all over the world – find the latest events on World Beard Day’s Facebook. So far we’ve spotted events in St. Petersburg, FL (where they’re trying to break the World Record of Australia’s 22-man Beard Man Pyramid), Greece, and Romania.

Let us know on Facebook or Instagram if you're attending or hosting an event!