There’s nothing like taking our bikes into the mountains with some buddies for a weekend trip. The fresh air, gorgeous natural scenery, and good company are some of life’s simplest pleasures. The allure of the motorcycle is the focus of Spanish photographer Alberto García-Alix’s new book, MOTO.

MOTO is a powerful dissection of the motorcycle; the first half, printed on matte paper, examines motorcycles in cultural context. This section gathers images taken by García-Alix between 1975 and 2007, including the first photograph he took during a motocross race.

The second part of the book, printed on glossy paper, looks at the bike through an abstract lens. You’ll catch the shadow of spoke, for instance, next to a blurry close-up of a helmeted racer about to take off.



Sandwiched between these two sections is an artist’s statement, in which García-Alix, a longtime bike rider himself, shares his motorcycle experiences and stories. The book is enough to make any reader long to pull a wheelie and to become intoxicated by the smell of castor oil and the roar of engines.

Outfitted in a matte black cover, MOTO is a sleek collector’s piece for motorcycle enthusiasts, or really for any guy who wants a badass coffee table book.