Top 7 Stagecoach Festival Beards that Wowed the Crowd

The weather is warming up and spring is beginning to feel a lot like summer. As the sun gets a little hotter and stays out a little longer, we are too. And what better way to relax outside than to enjoy some music. Enter festival season. With Coachella, comes an influx of trendy outfits and artsy sculptures. However, when it comes to Stagecoach, country fans and artists alike come out in true American fashion. Of course, this includes the American flag gear, a cold beer and a good, hearty beard.

So, step into your cowboy boots and throw on some red, white and blue because we're counting down the best festival facial hair we could find on Instagram.

While Garth Brooks and Keith Urban may have been headlining the event, they walk away from our list with only an honorable mention this year. Keep reading, to see the seven artists and fans at the Stagecoach Festival who did make our Zeus Beard top beards list.

7 Artist Instagram: @paulcauthen

Zeus Beard shares top Stagecoach beards

Photo via Instagram / @paulcauthen

With a full beard tailored to his face, Paul Cauthen was sure to have turned heads on and off stage.

Instagram: @paulcauthen

Artist facts: Still relatively new to the country music scene, "Rolling Stone" described Paul Cauthen's style in 2016 as being "a triple-barreled blast of Texas country, soul and holy-roller rockabilly, delivered by a big-voiced crooner who kicked off his career as frontman of the Americana group Sons of Fathers."

6 Fan Instagram: @flwrz94

Zeus Beard shares top Stagecoach beards

Photo via Instagram / @flwrz94 

Festival season is extra fun for couples. This fan's facial hair makes for the perfect accessory to his and his special lady's matching American flag ensembles.

Instagram: @flwrz94

Stagecoach facts: Seen as the cousin of Coachella, the Stagecoach Festival officially began in 2007 and was put on by Goldenvoice. Held in Indio, California, Stagecoach saw its first sold-out venue in 2012, with 55,000 people in attendance. In 2018, the festival had space for around 85,000 attendees.

5 Artist Instagram: @brothersosborne

Zeus Beard shares top Stagecoach beards

Photo via Instagram / @brothersosborne

What better way to celebrate playing a set at Stagecoach, than relaxing backstage with a bucket of Budweiser beers. Brothers Osborne has three things in order: their country musical ability, their drink choice and their bushy beards. It doesn't really get more American than that.

Instagram: @brothersosborne

Artist facts: Variety Magazine described Brothers Osborne as one of the most "well-received" acts at Stagecoach this year. They also predicted positive events for the brothers' future, writing, "A few scant years into their major-label career, they're already annual shoo-ins for the vocal duo of the year award at both the CMAs and ACMs, and the breadth of their appeal can be seen in their summer gigs, opening a tour for Dierks Bentley and taking time out for a main-stage show at Bonnaroo."

4 Fan Instagram: @cfjdraper

Zeus Beard shares top Stagecoach beards

Photo via Instagram / @cfjdraper

Showing off their bright smiles and red, white and blue, this couple knows how to do Stagecoach right. In addition to a beautiful wife on his arm, this fan also sports a beautifully sculpted beard on his face. With that level of maintenance and structure, we'd bet there is a good beard balm in his collection!

Instagram: @cfjdraper

Stagecoach facts: Stagecoach is definitely the biggest concert when it comes to country music. Because of this, its stage has seen notable artists like Brad Paisley, Jason Aldean, Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, Willie Nelson, Tim McGraw, Shania Twain, Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift.

3 Artist Instagram: @jordandavisofficial

Zeus Beard shares top Stagecoach beards

Photo via Instagram / @jordandavisofficial

With temperatures coming close to 100 degrees over the festival's weekend, Jordan Davis may have been pretty hot performing outside on stage. However, the ladies in attendance probably agreed he looked pretty hot too while rocking his bad ass beard.

Instagram: @jordandavisofficial

Artist facts: Louisiana native Jordan Davis told Billboard Magazine in 2018 that music has always been a part of his life. Having grown up around his uncle Stan Paul Davis, who is also in the industry, Jordan said, "I never realized how much music was a part of my life until I started meeting other people and I was like, 'Wait, you don't have music playing at your house, like, all the time?' It was just something that was around so much that I never even really noticed it."

2 Fan Instagram: @kimmilanihair

Zeus Beard shares top Stagecoach beards

Photo via Instagram / @kimmilanihair

These fans better hide because judging by the pictures behind them, it looks like this bearded brute is a wanted man. However, concealing a beard that looks this good will probably prove pretty difficult. Luckily, his loyal lady came equipped with a brush in case they need to undergo any quick style changes.

Instagram: @kimmilanihair

Stagecoach facts: Aside from the music, fans find Stagecoach's camping section to be one of the best parts of the party. Judging by the long tables filled with people playing drinking games like flip cup and beer pong, there's no surprise why many guests pay to bring their RV. In addition, this resort section offers showers, access to internet and chargers (so you can stay updated on social media of course) and free shuttles to a general store in case you run out of munchies.

1 Artist Instagram: @kendell_marvel and @codyjinks

Zeus Beard shares top Stagecoach beards

Photo via Instagram / @kendell_marvel

In a two for one special, Kendell Marvel and Cody Jinks both showed up to Stagecoach with their beards in full force. While the scraggliness may call for a little extra beard oil, we have to admire the length and epic twinning nature of their facial fuzz. After all, encompassing a little bit of that wild country outdoorsman nature fits in perfectly at this festival.

Instagram: @kendell_marvel and @codyjinks

Artist facts: While Marvel grew up in Illinois, he told Billboard Magazine that many people associate the state with just being the house for Chicago. However, he revealed he grew up about 30 miles away from Kentucky, making the country influence prevalent in his childhood. Reversely, Jinks grew up in the very country state of Texas. Despite this fact, he started out in a thrash metal band called Unchecked Aggression before switching over to his country roots.

Zeus Beard shares top Stagecoach beards