From Tormund Giantsbane’s epic – dare we say Zeus-like? – facial thicket to Robb Stark’s elegant and royally groomed facial hair, beards are clearly a Game of Thrones fashion trend. With season 5 of Game of Thrones returning this Sunday, we’ve compiled a list of the most impressive beards we’ve seen so far.

The conclusion we’ve drawn from the men on this list? If you want to be a badass, grow a beard.


Eddard Stark

A rugged, grizzly beard on a rugged, grizzly man. We’re a fan.



Jeor Mormont

A stern beard paired with a stern expression that seems permanently etched on Joer’s face shows he means business.


Robb Stark

Robb Stark

A short, polite beard cropped close to the face, perfectly befitting the title of King in the North. We recommend this type of trim for managing a monarchy – or managing your office staff. Either way.



Tormund Giantsbane

Two words: Beard. Strong. It makes sense that the second in command of the Free Folk touts an untamed man beard resembling lion shag.



Jorah Mormont

Daenerys’ right-hand man, Jorah sports scruff and a year-round tan. Life ain’t easy living as an exile in the desert, after all.


Jon Snow

Jon Snow

Westeros’ resident pretty boy is just as known for his honor as for his curly hair and dainty chin curtain. Just a bit of scruff so as to not hide his make-the-ladies-swoon features.



Rickard Karstark

We don't dig the treason. We do dig the Gandalf-y quality of this white and gray beardscape.



Khal Drogo

Where do we even start with this one? Khal is the face of intimidation, thanks in no small part to his thick, angular facial hair. And he's probably the only guy we know who can own manliner.



Rodrik Cassel

Rodrik gets the award for most inventive beard.



Jaime Lannister

Jaime transformed from cocky Kingslayer to beaten-down prisoner. He lost a hand and grew a beard. A bit of ego squashing has done this man well, we think.

PHOTO CREDITS (TOP TO BOTTOM): Eddard Stark via HBO, Jeor Mormont via Comic Vine, Robb Stark via, Tormund Giantsbane via Pictures 2015, Jorah Mormont via Couch Potato Psychology, Jon Snow via io9, Rickard Karstark via HBO, Khal Drago via fanpop, Jaime Lannister via Lytherus.