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It’s hard to believe that in a few weeks summer will officially be over. But one thing we are looking forward to – growing out our beard to its full, glorious potential. While we have been wearing our summer beards, the cooler temps of fall are conducive to satisfyingly thick facial warmers. Which brings us to the annually reoccurring phenomenon of the beard hat. Now coming in all sizes – even small ones for kids – and a myrid of shapes and colors, the beard hat is part gag gift, part ingenious idea to cover your face when it’s cold and you don’t have a beard handy.

Some beard hats even allow you to tuck your beard into your hat (usually a beanie) so you can look sleek for a black tie affair, while others, like the Barbarian Warrior hat that reminds us of Tormund Giantsbane’s grizzly thicket, are meant to be seen and felt.

While we plan on keeping warm with our own, human-grown beards, we can see how beard hats could be comfortable for winter sports or outdoor activities.

What’s your take on beard hats? Would you ever get one, either for yourself as you’re growing out a beard in the winter or as a gift for a friend?