The most recent Apple update saw the inclusion of many new emojis for our texting pleasure, mostly in response to lack of diversity. So now we can select from a range of skin colors – from bright Springfield yellow to espresso – for a more ethnically appropriate applause emoji or “getting a head massage” emoji. In addition to skin-tone modifiers, there are now same-sex families and couples, new gadgets (we see you, Apple watch), and more flags.

While we’re happy with this new wave of emojis, we can’t help but notice that a beard emoji wasn’t included. Like the redhead emoji or the tattooed emoji, it has so far been left out of the emoji community.

At Zeus, we believe in a fair representation of reality, and as bearded folk, we think the beard emoji deserves a spot on your emoji keyboard.

Men have been growing beards since the dawn of humanity - shouldn't we have an emoji that represents such a large population of us? We have included a link to a beard emoji petition – if you, too, believe there should be an emoji for beards, do sign.

>>Petition to Create a Bearded Man Emoji<<

PHOTO: Marc Johns