You know Zeus takes care of the hair on your face – but we’ve got the hair on top of your head covered too. Chicago-based Youtuber Francisco of Premium Hair recently reviewed our Zeus Original Hold Pomade. See the video below to find just how well our pomade stacks up when it comes to shine, hold, and of course, longevity. Francisco actually puts it on right before his 8-hour work shift to test how well it works in the real world.

We actually had the chance to catch up with Francisco, who was nice enough to give Zeus readers a few tips he’s learned over the past few years about selecting pomades.

His recommendations:

  • Make sure to never overuse or underuse the product, since this will leave you with a result you won't like.

  • Never be afraid to try new hairstyles and new products - you may be surprised with the results.

  • You don't always have to listen to the reviews – in the end, if you want to try the product, go for it!

Learn more about Zeus Original Hold Pomade at www.ZeusBeard.com.