As we prepare to drop our Winter Lookbook (shot at Lucky Wheels Garage in DTLA), we wanted to share some fun behind-the-scenes photos from our Fall 2016 Lookbook shoot in Big Bear, CA.

Everyone got up bright and early to get to our set in the mountains by 8 AM. Unlike at our headquarters in Newport Beach, where it was still 70 degrees in September, the weather was chilly and the leaves were already changing color - a solid backdrop for our shoot. And we were stoked to be working with some of our favorite brands, including Cohen and Sons, Crawford Denim and Vintage, and Redwing.

Once everyone had enough coffee in their system and the clothing was steamed, we started shooting at our Big Bear cabin. Our friends Gil and Fabrice (our photographer and stylist, respectively), worked together seamlessly to create one of our favorite lookbooks yet. From outfit changes to styling Zeus products, there's a lot of work that goes into these shoots!

After finishing up at our cabin, we headed to an abandoned house for some very cinematic shots - plus amazing views. It was the perfect way to end the day.

Our Fall 2016 Lookbook shoot featured models Trevor Wayne, Victorio Piva, Jemjaziel Barican, Alicia Lamson, and Yael Lasry.



The Zeus Team

Getting ready to start shooting! It's hectic behind the scenes.

Lots of cameras and lots of products.

Starting to line things up!

Our Zeus beard oils getting their glamour shots.

Gil doing whatever is needed to get the shot.

Location scouting 

Behind the scenes at our shoot

Trevor (L) and Alicia (R)

The Zeus squad having a good time!

Goofing off between takes.

Setting up for our next location. 

Jemjaziel taking in the view. A great way to end the day.