For our fall collection of beard oils, we went way back – to a fragrance and essential oil used since antiquity in Indian Ayurveda (healing science) and Chinese medicine. Sandalwood fragrance is warm and woodsy, a light base note. We selected it as the key note of our fall beard oils because of its ability to enhance without overpowering. It also reminds us of a walk in the woods, in the most refined way possible.

Sandalwood Beard Oil

Sandalwood perfectly captures the mellowness of fall, but it’s also a nice, clean scent you can wear year-round, and one that blends well with your personal scent. Enriched with Argan Oil and Safflower Seed Oil, our Sandalwood Beard Oil keeps your beard clean while absorbing to our signature lightweight finish.

Tobacco Sandalwood Beard Oil

For those of you looking for that extra kick of manliness, we crafted Tobacco Sandalwood. The earthy tobacco base notes make for a subtle yet sensual scent, while the rich vanilla top notes balance out the bitterness of the tobacco.

No matter which fragrance suits your fancy, all our beard oils are fortified with natural oils and extracts that soften, reduce beard itch, and increase general awesomeness.

Get Sandalwood here and Tobacco Sandalwood here.

Beard On,

The Zeus Team