Our Summer 2017 Lookbook shoot went down on the kind of day SoCal summers are known for: sunny skies, 75 degree temps, and  phenomenal waves. In mid-May we headed out to Crystal Cove Beach (a local spot where some of us at Zeus hit up regularly for surfing and hiking), and spent the day soaking up the continuous sunshine and good vibes.

summer 2017 lookbook shoot

In between shots we sunbathed, played a pickup game of soccer in the sand, and totally forgot to reapply sunscreen. The breezy, picturesque shoreline was the perfect backdrop to shoot our new Zeus products, which are built for touch-ups on the go.

We also had an amazing line up of models. We were especially stoked to have real-life couple Jona and Michelle Weinhofen with us. Jona is a familiar face for many Zeus customers (he was one of our first models!), so we were glad to have him back! Jona brought his Harley, so we ventured out Crystal Cove State Park to get shots of Jona, Michelle, and the bike.

For lunch we strolled down to The Beachcomber Café, which is located right on the sand, just steps from the ocean. After fueling up we explored the cool little beach cottages around the area, wishing we could book a night at this unhurried getaway spot.

Our Summer 2017 Lookbook drops this Friday.

Special thanks to videographers Michelle Rosario ( and Alex Sims (@alex.sims).

Our Summer 2017 Lookbook features photographer Gilbert Pereda (@gilsphotography), stylist Fabrice Guyont (@monsieur_guyont), and hairstylist Paul Demarre (@desmarrepaul), as well as models Alicia Lamson (@alicialamson), Jona Weinhofen (@jonaweinhofen), Michelle Weinhofen (@michelleweinhofen), and Jemjaziel Barican (@jemjaziel).