The inspiration behind the brand is America! The FELTRAIGER brothers were inspired by people in America and people that move to America to pursue their dreams, to step out , take the risks and see what happens. They wanted to live the American dream. And... they've done just that! In the heart of Brooklyn lies the Flagship store FELTRAIGER. Dan and Jon express that everything produced by FELTRAIGER is made in the United States in limited numbers and built with the intention of being passed down to future generations. If you are anywhere in town stop by and check out their New American Classic store.

How did the name FELTRAIGER come about?

Feltraiger is our family name pre Ellis Island. As our ancestors traveled to New York our Family name was changed from Feltraiger to Feldman, what it is today. Many names were shortened, simplified or even completely changed. As the brand started based off rebellious subcultures throughout American history our original family name just made sense.

Have you always desired to open up a store?

We always wanted to create our own space. We want to design and produce anything & everything you might need in our life. Clothing, accessories, furniture, home goods, etc. you name it. We have created a speak easy barbershop and would love to add a custom bike builder/ garage element as well. My brother and I are into bikes and hot rods and would love to create a place that houses all these things listed above. We have even discusses a bar/ restaurant. No telling what the future holds!

What’s different between your online store and retail shop in Brooklyn?

Both spaces are unique. The website is a great place to find out more about the brand, browse current and past look books, new press, shop on-line and more accessible right from your warm bed at home. Then the store on the other hand is the full experience. It's a space you walk into and instantly catch the vibe. From the music playing to the authentic vintage timeless items and the alignment of our New American Classic quality production. The store is a great example of who we are!

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