Images via Instagram @ManreadyMerc

Manready Mercantile began in 2012 on a dare – one that founder Travis Weaver made to himself to start a business without handouts or a trust fund. Working out of his apartment, Weaver made candles on the stove while using his iPhone to shoot photos for his Shopify page. Word of his locally brewed, small-batch goods spread, quickly gaining him a large following. Soon Weaver expanded into other apothecary goods, including soaps and bath salts. Because these products were typically marketed towards women, Weaver rebranded them for men with the help of business partner/graphic designer Roby Ritzhenry.

By 2014, Weaver’s business had crowded his apartment headquarters so much that it became unlivable, so he opened up a physical location in the historic Heights district of Houston, TX that would double as a storage facility.

An amalgamation of apothecary products, American-made apparel and fine goods, and vintage/one-offs Weaver discovers on his travels, Manready Mercantile is a proud tribute to masculine Americana.

Housed in a 1920s two-floor building, Manready Mercantile is intended to be a hangout space for the community.

Step inside and you’ll instantly be greeted by a monumental American flag fronted by a row of old train station seats – a setup that is one of the most Instagrammed walls in Texas.

After having a drink of whiskey at the bar cart, take stock of the unique items. One especially cool vintage find: ‘50s biker rings, crafted from melted-down pesos and worn by Mexican outlaws. Woven seamlessly with these pieces are Bradley Mountain waxed canvas bags, Normal Russell selvage denim, and Poglia & Co. pocket knives.

No matter how eclectic the selection, there is one unifying factor: each piece is built to last a lifetime. Each piece is crafted by an artisan who put in an honest days’ work.  Manready Mercantile’s mantra is, after all, Work Hard, Live Well.

Shop Manready Mercantile online at For the full experience, visit their brick-and-mortar here:

321 W 19th Street

Ste. B

Houston, TX 77008


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