4 Must Know Beard Care Tips

4 Must Know Beard Care Tips

Congratulations! You’ve powered through and made it through the awkward beard growing stage. Long gone are the days of beard itch and scratchy growth. What’s next you might ask? It’s now time to go into maintenance mode, this means that you’ve got to stick to a good beard care routine to keep that face mane looking fresh. Longer beards take a little TLC to get in order, but we guarantee the results are well worth it. To help you figure this out, we compiled a list of 4 top tips you can adopt to be the beard god you are.

1. Trim that beard

I may seem counterintuitive, but regular trimmings are an important part of beard maintenance. If you can spare the time, it would be great to book a trim from a barber every month or so. If you don’t have the time, the good news is that trimming it yourself is fairly easy to do.

For a more in depth tutorial on how trim your beard, watch this Tutorial we made.

2. Hygiene is Key

Just as you would not layer lotion on dirty skin, you should not layer styling product onto a dirty beard. Be sure to wash your face mane with a beard shampoo (not a regular shampoo) before using the styling product to avoid locking in bacteria. This will get rid of dead skin, excess oil and other debris that may get caught in there during the day. Using a high quality beard shampoo and conditioner will cleanse your hair without overly drying it, ensuring that it stays soft and supple. Remember to also gently pat it dry instead of rubbing to ensure less breakage as well.

3. Keep Things Hydrated and styled

We know time is valuable, so we won’t waste any of yours by giving you more steps than necessary. Usually hydration and styling are separate categories, but luckily we can wrap it into one step for your beard. Using a beard oil like Zeus Natural Beard Oil or a beard balm like Zeus Beard Balm Conditioner saves you time by both hydration properties and styling properties. So you’re golden if you choose to use either. After washing and drying, take a small amount of product in your hand and distribute it evenly throughout the length of the beard. This will ensure that it stays hydrated, soft, smells good and tamed.

4. Brush that Beard

Don’t underestimate the power of a good brush. Out final tip for beard maintenance is to keep a brush on hand and be sure to use it daily. Seems like common sense? Well it is. Brushing your beard has a number of benefits. It can help remove dead skin, dust and leftover debris from your beard. It can also help to evenly distribute styling products throughout the length of your beard. Most obviously, it helps detangle the beard and tame it. If you’re on the go, a smaller sized brush like Zeus Pocket Beard Brush is easy to keep on hand.
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