60 Seconds With An Ambassador: How To Tackle Bed Beard with Tristan Chamberlin

60 Seconds With An Ambassador: How To Tackle Bed Beard with Tristan Chamberlin


We’ve all been there, including Zeus Ambassador Tristan Chamberlin — you wake up in the morning and your hair and beard are a mess.

While covering your dome is a quick fix, getting a handle on your facial hair takes a bit more effort.

“A bad hair day can be fixed with a hat,” Chamberlin said. “A bad beard day requires a bag!” 

That’s why Chamberlin said its worth spending a few minutes tackling your bed beard with a one-two combo of Zeus beard conditioner and beard oil.

Our beard conditioner transforms your facial hair from a prickly tumbleweed to a soft, luxurious mane.

It’s infused with aloe vera and provitamin B5 to hydrate your hair and skin, as well as prevent irritation. The conditioner also has avocado and jojoba oil to lock in moisture, strengthen your beard and give your facial hair more volume.

Adding Zeus Beard Oil into the mix provides additional, long-lasting support. It’s formulated with safflower and Moroccan argan seed oil to soften and restore your facial hair’s natural shine, as well as moisturize the skin to prevent “beardruff.”

It also contains vitamin E to promote hair growth and Chilean-sourced grapeseed oil which works as a mild astringent and soother for acne-prone, sensitive skin. 

“I always find my beard looks and feels best after it’s been conditioned,” Chamberlin said.

How to use Zeus Beard Conditioner and Beard Oil

Chamberlin said the trick to having a great looking beard when you wake up isn’t to work on it in the morning, but rather to prep it the night before. 

The first step is to give your facial hair a good rinse with warm water to remove any residual gunk you’ve accumulated throughout the day.

While your facial hair is still damp, add a dollop of conditioner — Chamberlin’s go-to scent is vanilla rum — into your hands and work it into your entire beard.

If vanilla rum isn’t your thing, Zeus offers a variety of other amazing scents —  Verbena Lime and Sandalwood.

After that’s incorporated, add a few drops of beard oil in your hands and massage it into your beard until is thoroughly distributed. 

Once the products are dried, you can turn in for the night. When you wake up the next morning, all there’s left to do is rinse your beard, dry it off and give it a good brush.

“The products work as a really good leave-in, so that first thing in the morning my beard is not as matted as it could be,” Chamberlin said. “After a good rinse you have a great looking beard and you’re ready for the day.”

If you want to give your beard a midday boost, we recommend using our refined beard oil which quickly absorbs into your beard and leaves you looking fresh and smelling great the rest of the day.

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