Here Are the Top 7 Best Beard Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

Here Are the Top 7 Best Beard Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

When you're looking for some beard inspiration, Instagram is a great place to start. From international beard title holders to rockstars to athletes, the social media site offers the perfect platform to promote the best beard around.

Here at Zeus Beard, we compiled a list of the top seven bearded men on Instagram who deliver every quality of a solid beard. In addition, checking out their feeds will show off their unique hobbies like knife and guitar collections and tropical photos while they're bumming it on the beach or exploring a foreign country.

However, we don't want you to get inspired and not know the next step to take. To help you out further, we also added a few tips on how to recreate each influencers' look.



Instagram: @lan_woo

When it comes to glorious Zeus-like beards, it's hard to come close to the follicle fullness of Lance Wooton. His lengthy locks even earned him the fourth place world title for best in show and second place for the United States. Scrolling through his feed will definitely inspire renewed dedication to your own beard game. In addition, you'll get a solid dose of cool knife and outdoors photos.

How to make your beard longer:

When it comes to making your beard longer, the key is proper upkeep. This means investing in tools like a pair of high-quality beard scissors for regular trims and a beard kit with cleaning and conditioning products. While you want to keep your length, you also want to make sure you are keeping the healthy strands, not the scraggly ones.


Instagram: @devinhasabeard

Devin King spends his days either rocking out on stage or in the studio as the guitarist for the metalcore band The Color Morale. With a rockstar lifestyle comes the need for a bold beard, which is exactly what he's sporting with his bushy red style. His feed is full of fun flicks of his band's concerts alongside tour partner Asking Alexandria, guitars and scenery shots from around the world.

How to embrace a bold beard style:

Whether you're looking to try out a bold color or unique style, pulling it off is 50 percent beard and 50 percent attitude. Cowering in the corner with a bold beard will make your face look like a fashion faux pas. Instead, embrace your new style. Pair it with fun fashion that is perfectly suited to this season's summery vibes or take a tip from King and dress down with all black to let it stand out on its own.



Instagram: @sjofjord

For great style tips, look no further than Swedish model Marcus Sjofjord. His facial hair is constantly well-manicured and molded perfectly to his face. Moreover, his Instagram provides the best inspiration for interesting hair colors and artistic tattoos. Whether you follow for his beard, style, ink, or examples of how to deliver a smoldering look in your own photos, you'll find what you're looking for.

How to style your beard:

To most effectively style your beard, you need a waxy product that will hold your facial hair in place. However, the best beards don't come out looking hard from thick drugstore products. Instead, these men use products like Zeus Beard Balm, which offers gentle ingredients that actually soften your beard while delivering the desired hold.


Instagram: @trchamberlin

Nothing says a summer island adventure like the perfect beach bum beard. In his Instagram shot above, Tristan Chamberlin perfectly paired his moisturized beard with curly sandy locks and bright sunglasses. Fighting away dry summer air and salt water with ease, it's pretty evident that Chamberlin invests in maintaining the soft texture of his tresses. The rest of his feed doesn't disappoint on offering shots of blue waves and skies and his trendy shoe and denim collection.

How to add moisture to your beard:

Adding moisture to your hair doesn't just come with buying any conditioner. You have to make sure you are picking one with the right ingredients. After all, drugstore products that contain harsh chemicals or sulfates can actually cause the reverse of their intended softening effect. Instead, invest in shower products with ingredients like green tea extract and avocado oil.


Instagram: @victorios_secret

There isn't a best beards of Instagram list without including the United States model Victorio. If you're into activities like riding through the desert on your motorcycle or hitting the city on a decked out skateboard or in a vintage truck, Victorio is your guy. His manly beard also offers everything anyone trying to grow out their facial hair looks up to because of its length, fullness and tailored shape.

How to make your beard fuller:

In addition to using products that will make your hair softer and more healthy, the best beards begin in the kitchen. To truly make your beard the fullest on the block, you need to add foods like carrots, limes, eggs, red meat and cheese to your diet. For a full list of healthy foods for hair growth, check out: "HOW TO GROW MORE FACIAL HAIR, PART 1: FUELING FROM THE INSIDE OUT"


Instagram: @kc.mitchell_

Losing a leg does not stop wounded veteran KC Mitchell from being a total buff bearded badass. According to his Instagram, the former soldier traded his issues with depression, anxiety and anger for his health and fitness journey. In addition to beard inspo, Mitchell provides great tips for building muscle, working out in the gym and coping with mental stressors.

How working out can help your beard growth:

Something Mitchell has mastered is the concept that the best beard growth comes from a healthy lifestyle. This means putting in the extra hours and reps at the gym. A good fitness regime includes pushing yourself to the limit while building your workout as your stamina advances. Constant physical growth means constant beard growth, which will make both your body and face feel and look better.


Instagram: @the_mad_butcher

Why stop at a full and flowing beard, when you can add a mustache that is equally as impressive? Steve Benson knows the importance of paying his mustache just as much attention and care as his beard. While more recently, he's been sporting a shorter summer style, we have no doubt he'll return to his longer roots soon. In the meantime, you can check his page out for flicks of fun sports games and car shows.

How to style your beard with your mustache:

When it comes to mustache styles, your styling wax needs more strength than the products you use to mold the hair on your chin and jawline. Therefore, using a product that is specifically for mustaches like Zeus Styling Wax offers all-day hold while still containing a water-based formula for easy rinse-outs.

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