How To Stop Your Beard From Itching

How To Stop Your Beard From Itching

You finally committed to growing the beard of your dreams and it’s going great!

There’s only one issue... it itches.

A lot.

An itchy beard is a problem that every man who decides to grow a beard faces. It’s almost unavoidable and frankly a little  uncomfortable, prompting many to give in and reach for the razor.

Before you give up on your full beard potential, it’s good to know that many people are struggling with the same issue; beard itch is a normal part of the process in growing a beard and it’s not likely to be always be around. Luckily there are a few simple steps that you can take to minimize the itch.

Check out our tips below on how to make growing a healthy beard more bearable

Hygiene is Key

Just like upkeeping the hair on our heads, it is vital to wash the hair on our faces. Beards are a magnet for dirt, dust, dead skin and food particles. When these have the opportunity to mix with sweat and sebum, they can be a breeding ground for bacteria and cause irritation and itching to the skin. It’s important that your face and skin clean by adopting a beard cleansing routine.

Keep it hydrated

It is important to keep your beard fresh and clean, by using the right types of cleansing products in your beard. Regular shampoo can strip your facial hair of its natural oils, resulting in dry and flaky skin that may further worsen your itch and give you a stiff beard. Instead, try a specially formulated beard shampoo can be used to clean your hair on a daily basis without stripping your beard of its natural oils. Follow up with a beard conditioner specifically formulated to provide optimal moisture and comfort to your beard and skin.

Double Rinse

To make sure that no trace of shampoo and conditioner is left behind, thoroughly rinse your bear with clean warm water after cleansing. Use your hands to move your beard in all directions to get a full clean. Any residual cleansing product will dry out and irritate the skin, which can attribute to dandruff and exasperate any itching.

Properly Dry Your Beard

Like rinsing, it is important to dry your beard properly. Ironically enough, leaving water in the bead is a big contributor to skin drying out which will make the itch worse. To absorb any excess water, use a clean dry towel to pat your beard dry and be sure to reach skin underneath as well. If its necessary, a blow dryer may be used, but keep the setting to a mild or cool temperature.

Use a Beard Oil

Now comes the secret weapon; Beard Oil. Beard oil is responsible for creating a barrier over the skin, ensuring it’s hydrated and protecting it from drying out and flaking. It is the most effective product in preventing beard itch. To use, simply massage the oil into your beard and into your skin. Similar to a leave in conditioner, beard oil will help nourish your skin, motivate healthy follicles, soften your beard and overall reduce itchy dandruff. It also doubles as a styling product, keeping your beard shiny and sleek. Start using beard oil in the beginning of your beard journey, when skin is prone to itching with stubble.

Keep Things Trimmed

Again, similar to the hair on our heads, it is vital to comb and trim your beard properly. Doing this prevents frizzy sharp ends from scratching and irritating your skin. You can opt to choose an electric beard trimmer, scissors in conjunction with a beard shaping tool and beard brush or comb to keep thing fresh. Combing your beard will stimulate the hair follicles and encourage blood flow, supporting healthy growth and remove any weak hairs that may cause further irritation.

With these tips in hand, you’re ready to grow the beard you’ve always wanted free from itchiness. Check out our article on how to nurture healthy growth to achieve your beards maximum potential.

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