How To Use Sea Salt Spray for Men

How To Use Sea Salt Spray for Men

What is Sea Salt Spray?

If you’re on TikTok, Instagram or any other social media platform, you’re probably aware that Sea Salt Spray is a trending topic right now. It seems to grace users with luscious, beachy, textured hair, but what exactly is it? We’re here to answer all the questions you have concerning Sea Salt Spray.

Sea Salt Spray is a hairstyling product that utilizes sea salt and other natural compounds like vitamins, proteins and more. The main intent of sea salt spray is to create light texture in the hair by absorbing excess scalp oil , which results in an increase in movement and volume. Zeus Texturizing Sea Salt Spray also includes moisturizing components such as Aloe Vera and Green Tea that work together  to help your hair retain moisture and natural shine without compromising volume. Unlike other hair styling products, sea salt spray adds texture without leaving your hair crunchy. Long gone are the days of helmet hair, we’ve now graduated to luscious and touchable. Keep on reading to see how to use sea salt spray in 3 simple steps.

How To Use Sea Salt Spray:

Step 1: Prep Your Hair

Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner before towel drying your hair. Skipping the shower is always and option, but Sea Salt Spray works best on clean hair. If your hair takes a long time to dry, you are always welcome to using a hair dryer to help speed up the process.

Step 2: Apply the Sea Salt Spray

Now time for the exciting part, applying your sea salt spray. Once your hair is clean and dry, hold the bottle 7 - 9 inches away from your head and spray 3-5 pumps in the areas that you desire. Using your hands or a comb, style as desired.

Step 3: Style Your Hair

We recommend using your fingers to style your sea salt spray, but you are more than welcome to use a comb. With your chosen tool, simply maneuver your hair into the direction that you want it to lay. For more volume, use a hair dryer on the cool setting along with a round brush.

Commonly asked Questions:

Can I Use Sea Salt Spray on Straight Hair?

Sea Salt Spray can be used on straight hair to help create texture. If you have longer hair, try creating a few braids after using the product. This will create even more volume after it dries down for that beachy look.

Can I use Sea Salt Spray on Curly/Wavy Hair?

 Sea Salt Spray is perfect for those with curly hair, as it adds definition and volume. Spray on your roots so your hair looks bouncy and full of life, without looking frizzy. Every curly head knows that bigger is better.

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