Solid Body Boar Bristle Beard Brushes: The Best Beard Brush For Larger, Longer, Thicker Beards

Solid Body Boar Bristle Beard Brushes: The Best Beard Brush For Larger, Longer, Thicker Beards

If you’re putting in the effort to grow out a beard or mustache, take that extra step to make sure it looks fresh every day. 

At Zeus Beard, we offer a plethora of products to keep your facial hair looking regal. So instead of running your fingers through your beard, upgrade to one of our premium, German-made brushes. 

Using a brush with the right bristle allows you to effectively untangle your beard, remove dirt and evenly distribute beard oils that help moisturize and strengthen your facial hair and skin.

We offer five styles of brushes with a selection of bristle types, and in this post we’ll be focusing on our military and palm brushes — heartier, yet versatile tools for your at-home grooming needs. 

Zeus Oval Military Beard Brush Q91 (Firm) and Q92 (Soft)

At more than 4 inches long and 1.5 inches wide, our military brush is one of the beefiest grooming tools in our arsenal.

Its large oval handle, made from durable and warp-resistant pear wood, fits perfectly in the in the palm of your hand and features a contoured edge for better grip even for the most vigorous brushings.

Those with long or thick beards should opt for the Zeus Oval Military Beard Brush Q91, which features first-cut, 100% firm boar bristles.

Its stiffer and rounded tips massage and exfoliate the skin for irritation-free brushing. It also removes dirt while shining and taming your beard or mustache.

If your beard is on the short to medium side or have sensitive skin, we recommend using the Zeus Oval Military Beard Brush Q92, which utilizes second-cut, 100% soft boar bristles. 

Just like its firmer counterpart, the Q92 excels at cleaning, controlling and polishing your facial hair while not irritating your skin.

Zeus Palm Beard Brush G91 (Firm) and G92 (Soft)

For those that want a large brush but in a boxier package, look to our palm beard brush. It’s slightly narrower than our military brush, but still offers the same performance.

The palm brush’s rectangular body is made from the same warp-resistant and robust pear wood that many of our other premium grooming tools are made from. Finger grooves along the side lend to better grip during tough grooming.

It also boasts seven rows of evenly cut boar bristles, which ensures that your facial hair will be clean and tangle-free with every brush stroke. 

The Zeus Palm Beard Brush G91 is a great option for those with long or thick beards. Each bristle plug is filled with first-cut, 100% firm boar bristles. 

Like our other brushes with firm bristles, the stiffer tips are rounded and aid in untangling your beard or mustache while massaging your face. 

If your beard is shorter or have thinner growth, the Zeus Palm Beard Brush G92 will be your best bet for your grooming needs.

Featuring second-cut, 100% soft boar bristles, the G92 is great for taming and cleaning your facial hair while being gentler on your face.

Those that are looking for brushes with handles, head over here to learn more about our offerings.

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