The idea of growing out facial hair once sounded so simple: stop shaving, let your testosterone take over, and get the ladies. But as we bearded brethren now know, that facial thicket needs some finesse to work its fuzzy magic.

At Zeus, our goal is to provide you with the tools for fine facial hair. We’re always asking ourselves how we can bring new ingredients and instruments to the table to make your bearded journey an awesome one.

When a few staffers began trying out mustaches, we turned our attention to the process of grooming a mustache. Beard and mustache trimming scissors work when we need to trim away stray hairs and do a general shaping, but what about detail work and getting those crisp, clean lines that define your mustache?

That’s where our Zeus Mustache and Detailing Safety Razor Set comes in. Built by long-historied German razor company Dovo, this set includes a Merkur mustache and brow razor, a 10-pack of Merkur razor blades to see you through several months’ worth of shaving, and a handy black leather pouch to carry your goods with you. A chrome-plated finish prevents your razor from rusting, so this baby is built to last.

Mustache grooming can take time – and oftentimes, a lot of patience – so we made sure our mustache razor was all about ease. Use the larger side for broad strokes, and the smaller side for detailing. In addition to mustache grooming, it can be used to shave sideburns, beards, and eyebrows. Basically, it’ll take care of all your facial hair in one go.

We hope you’ll use this little weapon to do your face good.

Get the Zeus Mustache and Detailing Safety Razor Set here.


Beard (and Mustache) On,

The Zeus Team
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