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Zeus Ambassador Tristan Chamberlin Reviews His Favorite Beard Oil Scents

Different seasons can evoke different moods or mindsets. Spring is all about freshness and growth; summer is known for sunshine and energy; fall means cooler weather and flannels; and winter brings forth tranquility and a slower pace.

Likewise, Zeus Ambassador Tristan Chamberlin changes up the scent of Zeus beard oil he uses depending on the time of the year.

“A smell is very important. It can change your mood or change the mood in a room,” Chamberlin said. “And when the seasons change, the smells around us change, and because of that I like to change the scents that I wear.”

And while the seasons change, Zeus beard oil will always be a great and reliable way to condition your beard, regardless of which scent you go with.

Our beard oil features safflower seed oil, which soften and prevents “beardruff” — dandruff but on your face — and argan seed oil to restore your facial hair’s natural shine and volume. It also has vitamin E to promote hair growth and grapeseed oil to address acne-prone, sensitive skin.

Tristan's Favorite Beard Oil Scents


For the fall months, Chamberlin prefers using Zeus’ spiced maple beard oil. It has a subtle sweetness and spiciness reminiscent of the fall season. It’s like having pumpkin pie or maple syrup on your beard, but without the messiness and stickiness.

“Every time I put this on, it reminds me of going on walks in the woods with my kids, picking pumpkins and all that great cliché stuff,” Chamberlin said.

When winter rolls around, Chamberlin turns to Zeus’ Italian Cypress beard oil. It’s the perfect scent for when you’re walking around in the cold winter air. There are hints of spiciness from mint, sweetness from citrus and warm, earthy qualities from basil.

If you want to smell like the holidays without smelling like a Christmas tree, this is the scent for you.

“It’s got a nice woodsy scent to it,” Chamberlin said. “It’s very appropriate for the winter holiday time, and a great scent to wear into the New Year.”

For the spring and summer months, Chamberlin reaches for his bottle of refined beard oil in the classic Verbena Lime scent. The sweet, citrusy notes will help brighten your day while keeping your beard hydrated and soft.

“This is a nice, crisp and clean scent,” Chamberlin said.

Our refined beard oil is similar to our traditional beard oil in that it conditions facial hair, but refined beard oil does it in a slightly different way.

Instead of being safflower seed oil-based, our refined beard oil uses almond oil to lock in moisture and strengthen the hairs. It also contains soybean to repair damaged skin and hair while smoothing out and detangling your beard.

If none of these scents are catching your attention, our beard oil also comes in Sandalwood, Vanilla Rum, Woodsy and Tea Tree.

Check out our entire beard oil and balm collection here.

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