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Zeus Vintage Bus Enamel Pin

Zeus Vintage Bus Enamel Pin


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    • Silver steel
    • Soft enamel allows for sharp detail
    • All pins are crafted from a durable metal base
    • 2-stick backing keeps pins secure
    • Dimensions: 1.25" | Limited to 1,000

    All aboard for some groovy adventures around the wonderous landscapes of Mount Olympus! Our Vintage Bus pin pays homage to a favorite amongst road trippers and car enthusiasts alike. Vibrant blue enamel is inlayed over silver steel and features raised edges for a 3D design. A custom badge and license plate lets you subtly show your love for Zeus Beard with crampin' your style....Not that we ever would. Double post back and butterfly style clasps will keep pin secure on jackets, hats, backpacks, and beyond!
    Dimensions: 1 3/8" H x 1 3/8"W (mirror to mirror)
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