Zeus Pear Wood Beard Brush Set - 100% Boar Bristle - Firm

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Boar Bristle
Boar Bristle
Made in Germany
Made in Germany
  • A complete set of 100% boar-bristle beard brushes for home and travel
  • Enjoy a fuller, more lustrous beard with a thorough beard brushing
  • Distribute your natural beard oils evenly throughout your beard
  • Combat beard itch and dandruff with the exfoliating boar bristles
  • Includes a full-size brush, a handled precision brush, and a travel-friendly size brush


Pear Wood European sourced Pear Wood is sturdy and warp resistant in moist conditions

Firm Boar Bristle Brush features 100% natural boar bristle in firm, first cut

Long Beard Best for those with longer beards or thicker growth

100% Boar Bristles, Pear Wood

What's inside:
  • (1) Zeus Oval Military Beard Brush, Firm 100% Boar Bristle, Q91
  • (1) Zeus Handled Mustache & Beard Brush, Firm 100% Boar Bristle, J91
  • (1) Zeus Pocket Beard Brush, Firm 100 % Boar Bristle, N91

At times, it may seem like your beard has a mind of its own. A straggle hair, here. A cowlick, there. Whether you've got a short, long, curly or straight beard, it's not uncommon for your beard to reveal its wild side. A scraggly and rugged beard certainly can be appealing, but you want to avoid looking unkempt and ratty.

Enter the humble beard brush. This grooming tool evenly distributes oils through your beard hair and keeps your whiskers in line and at attention, resulting in a fuller and more lustrous beard. What's more, the bristles exfoliate dead skin cells off of your skin to eliminate itchiness and beardruff. Grab the Zeus Pear Wood Beard Brush - 1st Cut set to equip yourself with all the tools necessary to tame your beastly facial hair:

  • Zeus Oval Military Beard Brush, Q91: This will be your go-to beard brush. Touch it. Smell it. Take it to dinner. Made with 100% boar bristles, this beard brush is firm enough to penetrate thickets of beard hair yet soft enough to massage - rather than irritate - your skin. Grooves on the sides of the pear wood handle make it comfortable to use during even the most lengthy grooming sessions.

  • Zeus Handled Mustache & Beard Brush, J91: The protruding handle makes this brush ideal for use on the mustache area. Unlike the conventional beard brush, this handled brush keeps your hand at a distance from what you are brushing, granting you greater vision for enhanced control and precision.

  • Zeus Pocket Beard Brush, N91 This travel-friendly beard brush has all the features of a full-size beard brush in a smaller, more compact body. Take this with you to tame your beard hairs on the fly.

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