Zeus Mustache Styling Wax, Mega Hold

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Water Based
Water Based
Extra Firm Hold
Extra Firm Hold
Made in Germany
Made in Germany
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  • Firm hold for all mustache styles, all day wear
  • Medium consistency for no-fuss application
  • Water-based formula for easy rinse-outs
  • Goes on clear
  • Contents: 10 ml | 0.34 fl oz
  • Product Note: This item is not discontinued. We expect a restock in early 2023. Subscribing to our newsletter is the quickest and easiest way to be notified when it makes a triumphant return to Mt. Olympus. 

    Tired of reapplying your droopy mustache throughout the day? Zeus Mustache Styling Wax features a superior formula that maintains the shape of your 'stache all day. It sculpts tough, unruly hairs into a godly 'stache. Formulated to transform facial hair with a mega strong hold, it offers the flexibility to create perfect twists and handle bars. The consistency is best described as a cross between a paste and a gel. Goes on clear and holds all day. Its water-based formula allows for easy rinse-outs. Made in Germany.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 60 reviews
    Outstanding Wax!

    Had to switch back to Brother's Love about a year ago because Zeus was out of stock. Been patiently awaiting. Hey guys, it's Spring, early 2023. I think when they get it back in stock, I'm going to order several dozen tubes.


    Got to experience the pleasant scent of this mustache wax and its diverse styling abilities. Have not found any in over a year and would really love any update on the company's situation with this. Is it discontinued?

    Perfect product, never in stock

    Honestly I haven't been able to find anything like this. It's perfect for styling my mustache into whatever I want it to be. It dries clear, It spreads like wax but hardens like a gel. It has incomparable strength and longevity compared to any other mustache wax offered, including the other types of mustache wax that they sell on this site. The only problem is that it's never stocked in store. Any retailers that I find in person are also sold out. it's been sold out for many many months at this point, and I'm thinking it's because they discontinued it. Unfortunate because I was only able to purchase one tube ever, which was the last one on the shelf, just to try it out. Instantly fell in love with it. It's such a good wax that you can style your mustache, let it dry and harden and then comb it out, and it will still retain 95% of its shape/hold, without the crunch of the gel effect. If I ever see this product in stores or on site, I swear on my mother I will purchase at least 12 tubes.

    Larry Gongaware
    Cmon guys!!Bring back the stock already!

    I'm equally disappointed with the availability issue as you guys been out of stock for over a year! SAME SONG AND DANCE about availability issues from Germany! This is a superior product and we want it back ASAP! What the heck happened that you're not telling us? I'm sure I'm not the only one that will buy a year supply! Please restock and bring back NOW! This is ridiculous! Being out of stock for over a year is unacceptable! I've called, and emailed numerous times with no one giving straight answers!

    Switching products

    Great product. But can’t find it. Switched from Brothers Love to this years ago bc it was easier to find, cheaper, and equally as good! Now having to switch back to Brothers Love because this won’t come back into stock! No Bueno!!!