Zeus Handmade Saw-Cut Beard Comb - V11

SKU: 439-058-00
  • $9.00
Hand Made
Hand Made
  • Saw-cut, hand-polished and buffed for snag-free passes
  • Pure plant cellulose acetate construction for minimal static buildup
  • Rounded tips for irritation-free grooming
  • Medium- and fine-toothed sides for untangling and styling your beard
  • Dimensions: 6”L x 1”W | Teeth Length: 0.5"


Cellulose Acetate Handmade and saw-cut from sheets of plant based material for a petroleum and plastic free alternative

Fine Teeth Best for removing tangles and straightening strands

Medium Teeth Best for quick touch-ups for a neater appearance

Short Beard Best for those with shorter beards or thinner growth

Distinguishing the amateur beardsman from the seasoned one is an easy task; just see how they get it ready for the world. The novice will use his hand to smooth most scraggly hairs down. There’s the intermediate beardsman who grooms with a cheap polystyrene plastic comb he found in his miscellaneous drawer. Finally there’s the experienced beardsman who uses a premium grooming tool like the Zeus Handmade Saw-Cut Beard Comb (6”L x 1”W). Made with durable cellulose acetate, this grooming implement minimizes static buildup while combing. Unlike mass-produced molded combs, this beard comb is saw-cut and hand-polished to create rounded teeth that won’t damage your hair or skin. This handmade comb features medium- and fine-toothed sides for untangling and refining unkempt facial hair. Throw out your old plastic comb and step up your beard game with the Zeus Handmade Saw-Cut Beard Comb.