SKU: 407-171-04
  • $44.00
  • Provides the best for a clean, soft, and neat beard
  • Cleanse with Beard Shampoo, specifically formulated for your face and beard
  • Moisturize with Beard Conditioner to prevent itching and flaking
  • Soften and protect with Refined Beard Oil
  • Keep everything in line with Organic Sandalwood Double Sided Beard Comb
  • Not sure where to start on your bearded journey? Or, perhaps you’re an experienced beardsman just looking to return to your roots. No matter where the hairy path leads you, the Zeus Essential Beard Care Kit is ready to serve as the foundation to your godly facial hair. Assembled to provide our best to keep things comfortable and health, this kit includes:
  • Zeus Beard Shampoo: Formulated with natural ingredients like Dragon’s Blood, Green Tea, and Chamomile, our Beard Shampoo is created just for that face of yours. It works to cleanse the beard, while remaining gentle on skin. Our favorite part is that it works with your natural oils, making it suitable for those with sensitive skin.
  • Zeus Beard Conditioner: Active ingredients Pro-Vitamin B5 and Avocado Oil join to strengthen follicles, preventing splitting and breakage. Aloe Vera and Green Tea join to form a supremely moisturizing dynamic duo to hydrate both skin and hair.
  • Zeus Regular Beard Oil: Packing the punch of essential oils, our beard oil puts Grape Seed and Argan Oils first to moisturize and protect. A little is all you need to keep hair soft to the touch and keep skin comfortable.
  • Zeus Organic Double Sided Sandalwood Comb: Naturally anti-static and friendly to hair in all shapes and sizes, this comb is your beards best friend. One side of fine width teeth removes tangles and any beard debris while Medium Width teeth style and smooth. Comes with a genuine leather sheath to stay protected while on-the-go.