Zeus Beard Styling Kit

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  • The fundamental beard styling bundle for sculpting a magnificent mane
  • Get rid of disobedient, flyaway whiskers with the Dovo Stainless Steel Scissors
  • Untangle dense beards with the firm 100% Boar Bristle Pear Wood Palm Beard Brush
  • Shape your facial hair the way you want it with the conditioning Beard Balm
  • Style with precision with the Handmade Beard Comb and the Handmade Mustache Comb
Similar to the threads you wear and the car you drive, the look of your beard is an extension of you. Whether you have the full-grown mane of a lumberjack or the deceptively effortless shag of a celebrity, your beard is a reflection of your particular taste. Your particular style. What distinguishes one beardsman from the next is precisely this, and it takes discipline, creativity and deliberation to get your style just right. To start you off on the right foot, we’ve assembled the Zeus Beard Styling Kit, complete with the essential tools and products you’ll need to inject a little style into your beard game:

Zeus Stainless Steel Scissors: Designed in collaboration with the renowned German shaving company Dovo, these professional-grade scissors are lightweight and boast great hand-feel. This sleek grooming tool features a removable finger rest for enhanced control and versatility.

Zeus Pear Wood Palm Beard Brush: With its firm bristles, this brush penetrates the thickest of beards to untangle trouble areas on your manly mane. This pear wood-handled brush works double-duty by also distributing your natural oils throughout your beard for softer, stronger hair.

Zeus Beard Balm: Made with natural ingredients like jojoba seed oil, hemp seed oil and aloe vera, this beard balm is a tall glass of refreshing hydration for medium to long beards. The addition of beeswax gives you the power to sculpt your beard into the masterpiece it’s destined to be.

Zeus Handmade Mustache Comb: This saw-cut and hand-polished comb is your go-to grooming instrument when you need to get dapper. The rounded teeth massage your hair follicles, and the comb’s petite size makes it perfect for on-the-fly styling.

Zeus Handmade Beard Comb: Handmade combs differ from mass-produced molded combs with their smooth edges and rounded teeth tips. The result is smooth passes through your beard without scratching the skin underneath. This comb features both a medium tooth and a fine tooth side for untangling and refining respectively.
What's Inside:
(1) Zeus Stainless Steel Scissors by Dovo
(1) Zeus Pear Wood Palm Beard Brush
(1) Zeus Beard Balm - Original Unscented
(1) Zeus Handmade Mustache Comb
(1) Zeus Handmade Beard Comb
(1) Burlap Bag, Small

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