Zeus Mustache and Beard Grooming Kit with Leather Pouch by Dovo

SKU: 439-061-00
  • $85.00

Just like the hair on your head, it’s important to regularly groom your facial hair so that you look your best. As a group of bearded and mustachioed gentleman ourselves, we’ve used a multitude of grooming tools that frankly don’t cut it, which is why we’ve created the Zeus Mustache and Beard Grooming Kit for Men. We’ve collaborated with legendary German steel company Dovo to build a set of high-quality grooming implements that’ll remain with you for the long haul:

1) Zeus Beard and Mustache Grooming Scissors (4.5”): These stainless steel scissors features a micro-serrated edge for precise, reliable cuts and a removable finger rest for customizable in-hand control.

2) Beard and Mustache Combo Comb and Brush (4.5" X 1.75 "): This grooming tool features a fine-toothed comb to both untangle and flatten unruly hairs and a synthetic bristle brush to assist you when applying oils, balms and waxes.

3) Genuine Leather Carrying Case (5.5” X 2”): Embossed with the Zeus logo, this pouch keeps your grooming tools safe at home and on the road with its secure button enclosure. Equip yourself with the exquisite tools in the Zeus Mustache and Beard Grooming Kit for Men, and you can be sure you will always look your best. Made in Solingen, Germany