Zeus Natural Horn Medium Tooth Beard Comb in Deluxe Tin

SKU: 439-083-00
  • $20.00
Hand Made
Hand Made
  • Natural horn material contains keratin, gives hair a healthy shine
  • Saw-cut with rounded tips for superior glide
  • Each comb is unique due to natural materials
  • Includes a Zeus metal tin for storage and travel
  • Dimensions: 3.93"L x 1"W


Natural Horn Keratin rich natural material is saw-cut and hand polished to provide a unique hair strengthening grooming tool

Medium Teeth Best for quick touch-ups for a neater appearance

Short Beard Best for those with shorter beards or thinner growth

Includes Gift Tin Set arrives ready-to-give in metal Zeus gift tin

Natural Buffalo Horn

Zeus Natural Horn Medium Tooth Beard Comb is a finely constructed comb that is great for all beard types. Its natural horn material offers anti-static properties and keratin that closes hair cuticles to enhance shine and protection. Unlike plastic, it won't tug at hairs and its saw-cut with rounded teeth will massage the skin and hair follicles. Due to the natural materials used to make this comb, each comb is one-of-a-kind and will vary in appearance. Buffalo horn is delicate compared to plastic, therefore handle with care and avoid exposing to water. Buffalo horn gives off a temporary scent when soaked in water. Comes with a protective metal tin for storage and travel so you can maintain that godly beard wherever you go.