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Zeus Natural Horn Mustache Comb in Leather Sheath - B41

Zeus Natural Horn Mustache Comb in Leather Sheath - B41


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The Zeus Natural Horn Mustache Comb is a fine way to keep your 'stache in shape. While it may be easy to get distracted by this comb's exquisite grain pattern, you should do your best to keep in mind the inimitable benefits of saw-cut horn combs. Horn is composed of a protein called keratin—a natural protein that also composes our own skin, hair and nails. The identical molecular structure of horn glides through hair—unlike plastic—while also closing hair cuticles for a shinier and stronger result. Each comb is saw-cut with rounded tips that massage rather than scratch the skin. The Zeus Natural Horn Mustache Comb includes a protective leather sheath, making for a perfect pocket companion for grooming on the fly.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Jenny Williams
Very pleased

I got this for my husband for a gift and he loves it! It’s great quality and the shipping was very prompt. He will definitely continue using these products!

Conrad N
favorite mustache comb

Love this comb, had one years ago and lost it, tried others and they just weren't the same, so I bought another one! definitely worth it!

Christopher K.

I have included a photo to show the design that I like this one has a tendency to have my fingers touch my beard and mustache while Im using it note that the plastic one has a shape that allows me not to do so. Although I do like the fact that it does not tug in his non-static I do seem to touch my beard with my fingers a lot while using it. Thank you

Jonathan L.

The natural horn Combs that I have the mustache and me wide tooth Combs are wonderful some of the most beautiful and wonderful comes that I've ever used they will give me many years enjoyment.

Franco L.
Mustache comb

Love it!