Zeus Natural Horn Wide Tooth Beard Comb in Deluxe Tin

SKU: 439-084-00
  • $23.00
Hand Made
Hand Made
  • A wide-tooth genuine horn comb for men with dense beard growth
  • Natural horn material contain keratin, makes hair shinier
  • Each comb is unique due to natural materials
  • Includes a Zeus metal tin for storage and travel
  • Dimensions: 5.71"L x 1"W


Natural Horn Keratin rich natural material is saw-cut and hand polished to provide a unique hair strengthening grooming tool

Wide Width Tames thicker, curly, or wavy texture without adding unnecessary volume

Long Beard Best for those with longer beards or thicker growth

Includes Gift Tin Set arrives ready-to-give in metal Zeus gift tin

Natural Buffalo Horn

Zeus Natural Horn Beard Comb is an essential grooming tool for those with curly or dense beard growth. This exquisite comb features wide gaps between teeth to effortlessly glide through unruly hair without tugging or scratching the skin. This buffalo horn comb reduces static electricity and contains keratin, which closes hair cuticles for shinier hair. Due to the natural materials used to make this comb, each comb is one-of-a-kind and will vary in appearance. Buffalo horn is delicate compared to plastic, therefore handle with care and avoid exposing to water. Buffalo horn gives off a temporary scent when soaked in water. Zeus Natural Horn Beard Comb includes a metal tin for storage and travel for when you're on the move.