Zeus Natural Horn Wide Tooth Beard Comb in Leather Sheath - H41

SKU: 439-081-00
  • $21.00
Hand Made
Hand Made
  • A wide-tooth genuine horn comb for men with dense beard growth
  • Saw-cut with rounded tips that won't damage your skin or hair
  • Keeps hair healthy by closing cuticles
  • Includes a genuine leather sheath
  • Dimensions: 5.71"L x 1"W


Natural Horn Keratin rich natural material is saw-cut and hand polished to provide a unique hair strengthening grooming tool

Wide Width Tames thicker, curly, or wavy texture without adding unnecessary volume

Long Beard Best for those with longer beards or thicker growth

Zeus Natural Horn Wide Tooth Beard Comb is the choice grooming tool for men with thick or curly beard hair or dense beard growth. The wide gaps between teeth in combination with the comb's smooth-gliding horn material construction allow for effortless passes through even the wildest beards. Each comb is saw-cut and polished to further diminish any friction that would damage your skin or facial hair. The patterns differ from comb to comb due to it being made of genuine horn. The Zeus Natural Horn Wide Tooth Beard Comb comes with a protective leather sheath to keep it in fine condition until your next brushing.

Customer Reviews

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Joseph B.
Great but very brittle

I love using the comb. It works great my only issue is how fragile it is. While my hands were slick from the Zeus beard oil, my comb slipped and made a for fall to the counter where several teeth broke off. I messaged Zeus about it and still have not received a response. Besides that, the wide teeth work well at Detangling my longer beard.

Justin F.
Very nice comb! But I

Very nice comb! But I wish I would have got the medium one! My buddy has the medium an it feels way better!!!

Best beard comb

This is the best beard comb I've ever used! I immediately tossed my old plastic comb away. It doesn't tug at my hairs at all. The quality is amazing.!

Stephanie W.

My boyfriend loves how it leaves my beard, but also my hair.

Rebecca R.
I love it

My brother loves how he can use it, not just on his beard, but also his hair.