Zeus Steam Mist and Towel Set

SKU: 407-434-05
  • $44.00
Dye Free
Dye Free
100% Cotton
100% Cotton
  • Recreate the barbershop hot towel experience at home
  • Made of 100% Pure Eucalyptus Oil
  • Soft and gentle 100% Cotton
  • Towel: 14" x 32"
  • Steam Mist: 4 fl oz / 118.2 mL

What's Inside:
  • (1) Zeus Eucalyptus Steam Mist
  • (1) Zeus Steam Towel - 6 pack

A great perk at the barbershop is when the barber presses a hot towel against your face. You instantly start to relax and take in that refreshing menthol scent. The Zeus Steam Mist and Steam Towel Set is the perfect way to recreate this experience at home. Before you begin your usual shaving routine, apply an essential oil to a dry towel then soak it in hot water. Be careful when squeezing excess water out. Apply the hot towel over your face. The heat from the towel softens up your facial hair so you get a close, comfortable shave. Remove the towel when it's no longer hot then continue to your regular shaving routine.

  • Zeus Eucalyptus Steam Mist: Made of purely 100% Eucalyptus Oil to awaken your senses. Its bursting aroma will rejuvenate your spirits. Stay energized through the day with this perfect pick-me-up spray. For preshave use: Spray once on a hot towel and put on your face to achieve a closer shave. Remove the towel after it cools down then begin your shave routine. Volume: 4 fl oz / 118.2 mL

  • Zeus Steam Towel: Made from 100% Cotton and has exceptional absorbency and softness. Just like in the barber shop, they're perfect for prepping the face with a hot soak before the shave. Also works great for cleaning the face and neck after the shave or even wiping a straight razor between passes.

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