Cole Sternberg

Cole Sternberg is a Los Angeles-based visual artist who believes in using art as a medium to initiate change and to bring light to the social issues of this world. Self-described as “continually growing; learning new ways to communicate effectively,” he produces works in a myriad of mediums, including painting, photography, sculpture, writing, room installation, and film. Not afraid to get his hands dirty in his pursuit of the arts, in 2013 Sternberg reenacted artist Ray John’s death and the events leading up to it for the film, a moment in the sun. This film was accompanied by an installation inspired by Johnson and his works.

Most recently, Sternberg finished a sea voyage via shipping vessel from Japan to Portland, during which time he created works literally infused with salt by dragging them through the ocean.

Sternberg has exhibited internationally and is currently working on a documentary about his journey on the Pacific.

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