Harvey Lynch

The son of a cryptographer, Los Angeles-based artist Brian O’Hara developed a passion for words and codes early on – but also discovered he was dyslexic. So he began writing backwards (mirror writing) because it was easier to do than writing left to right. Many years later, after holding several high-profile production and design positions, he would go on to found Harvey Lynch, using this unique talent to create patterns containing hidden messages. He and his wife and business partner, Mel Currie, make it their mission to empower audiences through their artwork, composed of mantras that weave into an abstract pattern.

One piece features a line by the Persian poet Rumi, formed into a gleaming golden circle, while another focuses simply on the word “Imagine” from John Lennon’s famous 1971 song – the word written geometrically, almost like street art against a black background.

Harvey Lynch patterns have been featured in hotels, installations, and even on high heels and plates. The couple plan to expand into textiles shortly.

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