Little Friends of Printmaking

Melissa and James Buchanan are the husband-and-wife team behind Little Friends of Printmaking. Based out of Los Angeles, CA, the Buchanans design and silkscreen posters with an infectiously fun, graphic style. Multiple layers of dense color and texture add a revelatory aspect to their work – you discover more details the longer you look, allowing you to see process as well as finished piece. While most artists create in isolation, the duo executes every piece together, a process that is more seamless than it sounds (it helps that Melissa and James had similar styles to begin with).

The Buchanans have exhibited in galleries around the world and have been featured in the books New Masters of Poster Design and Handmade Nation as well as magazines such as WIRED and BusinessWeek.

Reinvigorating the old art of screenprinting, the duo aims to “spread the gospel of silkscreen to anyone inclined to listen.”

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