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Zeus Natural Horn Medium Tooth Beard Comb and Beard Shaper

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Quick Overview:

  • A mighty genuine horn beard comb for all hair beard types

  • Great as a beard shaping stencil with its swooping outline

  • Perfect as a hair comb due to its curving form that hugs your head

  • Saw-cut with rounded tips for superior glide

  • Strengthens and shines facial hair, thanks to horn keratin

  • Dimensions: 8.25"L x 2"W

  • Each comb features a unique grain pattern that may or may not look like the product photo.


The Zeus Natural Horn Medium Tooth Beard Comb and Beard Shaper is one mighty comb for one mighty man. At 8.25" in length, this combination comb fits comfortably in bigger hands for greater control. This comb also doubles as a shaper, thanks to its swooping outline. By holding the comb along your cheekline or neckline, you create a stencil for your razor to easily follow for clean and tight lines.

Zeus Natural Horn Medium Tooth Beard Comb and Beard Shaper is made of genuine horn,which boasts anti-static properties and doesn't tug at hairs like its plastic counterpart. The keratin in horn closes hair cuticles to enhance shine and to protect your beard against the elements. This makes it an excellent tool to use to come the hair on both the bottom and top of your head. Each comb is handmade and saw-cut with rounded teeth that massage the skin and hair follicles.

Preservation Of Horn Combs and Care Tips
  • Do not expose horn combs to moisture or water.
  • Keep horn combs away from direct sunlight
  • Horn combs can become deformed by high temperatures and corroded by detergents
  • In extreme circumstances (exposure to excessive heat, soaked in water), natural horn combs may give off an unpleasant odor. Keep the combs cool and dry, and the odor will disappear soon.

Additional Information

Material Genuine domestic ox horn
SKU 439-010-00