In the beard community there’s always been a strong current to grow your beard “wild and free,” untrimmed and as nature intended. If that’s your jam and you’ve got genetically blessed beard growing powers, by all means go ahead. But when it comes down to looking your best, beards are not one-size-fits-all.  Similar to how certain hairstyles complement some face shapes and not others, beard styles can be flattering or unflattering depending on your face shape.

Find your face shape below and learn which beard styles will have you slaying the beard game.


Idris Elba

Face shape:

You have a long face, with wide jawbones that sit above your mouth, and a deep, square chin.

Best facial hair:

A beard that makes your face appear fuller, such as a chinstrap beard or mutton chops. You can also try a moustache style that breaks up your face vertically, such as the chevron moustache (a la Tom Selleck) or a horseshoe moustache. (Definitely grab the Mustache Styling Wax and Mustache Comb Grooming Set to make short work of it!) You can also combine the two – a circle beard plus a horseshoe moustache, for instance, to add volume to the lower portion of your face.


David Beckham

Face shape:

Lucky you – oval is the ideal face shape, a nice middle ground between all the face shapes. Your cheekbones are slightly wider than your jawbones, and your jawline is rounded.

Best facial hair:

You can get away with any facial hair style. To make the most of your even proportions, opt for a short beard with clean lines for definition.


Jeremy Renner

Face shape:

You have a wide jawline, wide cheekbones, and a short chin.

Best facial hair:

Create the illusion of a more angular chin by rocking a beard that places emphasis on the chin. Try any style that is shorter on the cheeks and longer on the chin, like the Van Dyke beard or goatee. Avoid thick, long beards, as this will only make your face look rounder.


Brad Pitt

Face shape:

You have a covetable strong, square jaw that’s the defining feature of many models and Hollywood actors.

Best facial hair:

You want a beard that highlights, rather than exaggerates, your strong jaw line. Rather than go for a beard with sharp right angles, round out your chin area with a narrower, softer beard like the circle beard, which accentuates your jaw while lengthening your chin. You can also try a Balbo beard (a beard without sideburns and a trimmed, floating moustache).


Dane Cook

Face shape:

Your cheekbones are the widest part of your face, and you have a narrow forehead and jawline that are approximately symmetrical.

Best facial hair:

Keep hair on your chin to reduce the prominence of your cheekbones, going a little wider on the cheeks and sides of your face. Try beard styles like the full beard, Balbo, or the chin strap and moustache combo. You can also try a goatee.


Ryan Gosling

Face shape:

You have a prominent chin, and your jawline measures greater than your cheekbones.

Best facial hair:

Draw attention away from your chin by placing hair higher up on your face. Avoid hair on your cheeks so you don’t emphasize your wide jawline, and keep hair short on the chin. Try the beardstache, a full moustache with a beard that resembles heavy stubble.


Face shape:

The opposite of the triangle, a heart face shape features a forehead larger than the cheekbones and jawline, along with a pointed chin.

Best facial hair:

To create the impression of a full, square jawline, go for a long, thick beard, mutton chops, a chin curtain, or extended goatee.

To sum it up, here’s a beard style infographic via Business Insider:

beard styles infographic


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