As Instagram user @hibachigirl puts it, “Women love beards. Women love flowers. Why not?” Why not indeed. Flowerbeards became a thing last summer after Pierce Thiot, who is known for sticking household objects in his beard, wove some flowers through his man fur. The idea soon blossomed (sorry).

Now that spring has officially kicked off, #flowerbeard has returned in epic fashion. See some of our #flowerbeard picks below, which give new meaning to letting your beard grow. You can check out more flowerbeard inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram. Send your best #flowerbeard pics to our Zeus Beard Instagram.

Keeping it classic with daisies.


Repeat: Daisies are a good idea.


Clean and simple.

#flowerbeard ;))

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…And at the opposite end of the spectrum, a full-on bouquet. Did you know your beard is a good stand-in for a floral frog?

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Manly men are #flowerbeard strong, including adventurer Sean Conway.


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