Zeus Affiliate Program

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We'll pay out the second Tuesday of every month.

The goods we sell here at Zeus are changing the game.

From our exhilarating beard shampoos to our exquisite beard brushes, each and every beard and hair care product is formulated, designed, and constructed with one goal in mind: quality. And it shows in our products. We love it. Our customers love it. You love it. Yet, there are some scraggly beardsmen out there that have yet to enjoy our exceptional line of beard and hair care goods. That's where you come in.

The finer details.

Commission Type

10% Pay-per-sale for each sale you deliver

Discount Policy

10% Discount on each purchased item


What is the difference between codes & links?

The provided customized code is unique to you and works just like a coupon code at checkout. Your links can be embedded on your blog, website, or other online platform to drive traffic and still earn your commission.

When will I be approved?

We review all applications and will contact the following Monday to notify if you've been approved.

How do I get my payouts?

Zeus uses PayPal for payouts. This is the most secure and efficient way to receive your hard earned moola.

Where am I allowed to share my codes and links?

You can share your codes/links on your social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc), website, blog, and beyond. Please note we have zero tolerance for codes being shared on couponing sites. Doing so will result in suspension from the program.

What counts as a sale for my commission?

All accredited purchases must be made on zeusbeard.com. Your code must be entered at time of checkout, or your link must have been followed for the purchase to be counted toward your commission.

Sales from any third party marketplaces (Amazon), authorized resalers, and/or "word of mouth" will not be counted.

We are unable to credit sales to you after a purchase is made.

Are there any extra benefits beyond commission?

Absolutely! Top performing affiliates have opportunities to become a #zeusmen ambassador, to be featured on our brand social channels, access to new products first, and beyond.

What is your policy on sharing codes on couponing sites?

We have a ZERO-TOLERANCE POLICY for codes being shared on couponing sites (e.g., RetailMeNot, Honey, Offers, etc.). We screen for misused codes on a daily basis, and we will suspend your account if we find any evidence of abuse of the Zeus Affiliate Program (e.g., posting your code on couponing sites, soliciting only coupons on your website, etc.). If you find that your code has been posted on a couponing site without your knowledge, please inform us at affiliates@zeusbeard.com for an updated coupon code.