5 Things You Should Consider When Buying Beard Scissors

When it comes to trimming your beard, it's likely your go-to tool is an electric shaver. However, the modern convenience lacks a certain je ne sais quoi that traditional scissors have. While the battery-powered tool may cut down on your trimming time, it doesn't achieve the same natural affect that a good pair of beard scissors can.

To further explain what goes into the ideal pair of beard scissors, Zeus Beard breaks down five things you should consider before buying beard scissors.

Here's what to consider when buying beard scissors

Zeus Beard shares beard scissors

When you're searching the market for the ideal pair of beard scissors, it's important to consider everything from material to maintenance.

Moreover, finding the right size and blade are pertinent to achieving precision. Looking for a pair with a comfortable grip is also crucial because no one wants to reach for a tool that is painful or awkward to use.

Luckily, the Zeus Handmade German Stainless Steel Scissors possess all qualities of the ideal beard scissors. Keep reading to see how its construction puts it at the top of its game.


Zeus Beard shares beard scissors
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First off, good beard scissors are made from high-grade stainless steel. The material is ideal for scissors used on hair because it is lightweight and rustproof.

Among steel, German and Japanese constructions come out on top.

However, Japanese precision can't stand up next to German durability. German scissors are resilient and unlikely to quickly dull.

The Zeus stainless steel scissors are handmade by master crafters at Beck in Solingen, Germany.

Their design is tailored to trimming beards and mustaches and comes in a matte finish.


Zeus Beard explains beard scissors In addition, German durability pays off when it comes to maintaining your scissors.

Unlike other beard trimming tools, German-made scissors don't need constant sharpening or upkeep.

The other part of maintenance is protection. Choosing a pair of beard scissors that come with a protective case cuts down the damage your scissors may endure on your countertop.

It also makes travel safer, keeping the sharp object from floating around your suitcase.

Zeus Handmade German Stainless Steel Scissors come in a genuine leather pouch with velvet lining.


Zeus Beard shares beard scissors Up until this point, you may be wondering, why do I need a specific pair of scissors for trimming my beard?

While your fabric scissors may have the right idea when it comes to ridges and sharpness, standard scissors are too long for beard trimming.

The best beard scissors are between 5 and 5.5 inches long. Meaning, even the scissors designed for cutting the hair on your head won't work.

These pairs can be up to 7 inches long, making them unsuitable for even the burlier beards.

With shorter scissors, it's much easier to keep your hand close to your face and maintain a straight line. In addition, small scissors can easily slide into the hard-to-reach areas around your nose and lips.

Zeus Beard Handmade German Stainless Steel Scissors are just over the 5 inch mark, offering the ideal length for maneuvering and creating even lines.

Zeus Beard shares beard scissors


Zeus Beard shares beard scissors Next, it's important not to forget about grip when buying beard scissors.

Sometimes trying to achieve the most precise, natural cut means holding your fingers in an uncomfortable position so you don't lose the line.

When you're browsing the market for beard scissors, keeping your eye out for the finishes can change your experience entirely.

Zeus Handmade German Stainless Steel Scissors provide a removable finger rest for comfort, especially during longer trimming sessions. Protecting the finger holds, a rubber stopper also helps to soften the cut.


Zeus Beard shares beard scissors Last but definitely not least, probably the most important part about buying a pair of scissors is the quality of the blade.

When it comes to soft materials like fabric or hair, micro-serrated scissors are ideal.

Similarly to using a serrated knife to cut through the soft skin on a piece of fruit, micro-serrated scissors will slice through your facial hair without causing split ends and fraying.

Zeus Handmade German Stainless Steel Scissors are micro-serrated and factory sharpened to even your beard's edges with a clean cut.

Zeus Beard shares beard scissors