Best Beard Oil for Fast Beard Growth

A question often asked in the beard community is, “Does beard oil help my beard grow faster?”. The bad news is that beard oil does nothing to change the rate at which your hair grows. The good news that beard oils help create the perfect conditions for healthy beard growth. Essentially this means less breakage and split ends, giving you a fuller look faster than you would get without using a high-quality beard oil.

High Quality Beard Oil such as Zeus’s Refined Beard Oil contain ingredients such as Pure Argan Seed Oil help promote beard growth in a number of ways. Firstly, it naturally moisturizes the skin underneath your beard, removing unwanted dead skin cells and other obstacles to fast hair growth. The right beard oil will saturate your hair pores and increase your whiskers elasticity, supporting quicker beard growth. It is also worth noting that beard oils containing Vitamin E, such as Zeus Natural Beard Oil will further strengthen your beard and repair any damage done to your facial hair cuticles, resulting in a faster appearing beard growth.

Most importantly, to grow a beard as quickly as possible, one must NEVER give in to the stubble growing itch that causes many our bearded brothers to shave before a full beard grows in. Applying a beard oil to your beard and the skin underneath also helps minimize dryness and alleviate the gnawing itch that comes with stubble growth. So in short, yes applying a beard oil is a great way to promote fast and efficient beard growth.