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It all started with Mulga.

When Zeus began in 2014, we set out not only to create a line of beard care worthy of Zeus himself, but also to connect and collaborate with our creative community. We discovered Mulga the Artist in Australia, and were instantly drawn to his bright colors and fun characters - plus he had (and still has) an affinity for depicting bearded dudes! The match was instant and we’ve had a blast bringing Mulga’s work stateside.

And Mulga was only the beginning. In an effort to showcase some of the amazing talent out there, we are excited to announce a casting call for our Zeus Artist Series of t-shirts. Each t-shirt will showcase an artist who pushes the boundaries of art and design – the visionaries of our generation.

We aim to provide a canvas for both emerging and established artists to share their distinctive talent with the world. If you are an artist or know of one, please give us a shout out on Facebook or Instagram. You can also email us at

Help us support great art!