5 Reasons You Should Grow A Beard

5 Reasons You Should Grow A Beard

Ah Beards. We can write a whole article about why we love them so much.

So I guess we will!

Men with beards are seen alluring, fascinating and just downright attractive.

Don’t trust us? Maybe science will convince you otherwise, a 2013 study done by the University of New South Wales found that women find men with heavy stubble to be the most attractive and for perceived masculinity to increase as fullness of beards increased. If you still can’t decide whether the beard life is for you, check out our list of 5 reasons why it is!

1. It’ll make you radiate confidence. People will think that you’re strong and mature.

A bearded man looks wiser and tougher than their bare faced brothers. In general, people wouldn’t want to mess with you. You’ll make others feel protected around you, and see you as the guy who has his stuff together. Even if this isn’t the case, at least people will think that you’re confident and secure.

2. Beards help save money

Growing a beard shaves (haha) cost by not having to constantly buy razors. It also saves you time from shaving your face clean every day. This one’s a no brainer.

3. Beards provide an extra cushion for your face when you sleep

No pillow, no problem. What’s better than growing your own pillow on your face? You always have it on hand if you want to take a quick siesta during the day. I see no issues with this argument.

4. Beards will make you look smarter and classier

There’s a reason why a man with a beard stands out. They make men look masculine but not overtly so. Beard guys look like they just woke up looking this good. Don’t be surprised if people start coming to you for advice, you dashing young man.

5. It’s good to switch it up

Your girl ever tell you she wants to see different people? Well rejoice, because all you got to do is grow that beard out and BAM. She’s got a new man. Worst case scenario you can shave it off if she doesn’t vibe with it.

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