5 Things No One Tells You About Growing a Beard

5 Things No One Tells You About Growing a Beard

Growing a beard? How hard can it be? If you’ve ever tried before you know that deciding to grow a beard is the easiest part, it’s the steps that come afterwards that take most of the effort. With many years of beard knowledge under our belt, we can safely say that there is much more to it than putting down the razor. If you’re growing a beard for the first time, we’ve compiled a list of 5 things you should know. Bearded veteran? Let us know if you agree with us.

1. Wait Out The Itching

We know, we know - the itching is terrible but not to worry, it doesn’t last forever. The itching phase is the true test of whether or not you have the patience to maintain a beard. Many men have failed the test of the itchy beard and prematurely shaved. We promise you that after a month or so the itching stops, so just hang in there.

2. You’ll Start Getting More Attention Than You’re Used To

Whether you like attention or shy away from the spotlight, get ready for people to look at you. Growing and maintaining a beard is an impressive feat and people are going to notice if you’re rocking some facial fluff. Get ready for comments comparing you to a celebrity and maybe a few hipster comments thrown in for good measure. Good news for our single brothers is that the ladies really dig the beard.

3. You’ll Use More Beard Oil Than You’ll Think

Beard oil is one of those things you don’t really know exist until you start growing a beard. Then it becomes a part of your daily routine and you can’t live without it. Beard oil is formulated to hydrate your hair and the skin underneath, resulting in them being healthier and softer. Invest in a good quality beard oil like Zeus Natural Beard Oil (or their Refined Beard Oil if you have thicker hair) and watch the magic happen. Your lady friends will thank you.

4. You’ll Be Scared of a Little Beard Trim

You’ve heard about women being resistant to cutting their hair, and that reaction applies to men’s beards as well. As your beard grows longer, you’ll see that an attachment will start to form with your beard. We know that it might be hard to trim your beard after all the time spent growing it out, but rest assured it’s for the greater good. A regular trimming, gets rid of split ends and evens out the beard to ensure it looks fresh and maintained.

5. You’ll have to learn how to eat differently

This one should come as no surprise. When your beard gets longer, it’ll be harder to eat and drink the way you used to. You may find that there may be some leftover breakfast in your beard if you’re not careful. To remedy this, get in the habit of checking your face after and eating and maybe keep a few extra napkins in your pocket. Another tip we’ve picked up is to take smaller bites of your food and cut them in smaller pieces.

The more you know, the better when it comes to growing a beard. We hope that these tips help you be a little more prepared for what’s in store when committing to the beard life. To learn more, join our Newsletter for the latest updates on the bearded lifestyle.

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