6 Interesting Beard Facts

6 Interesting Beard Facts

World Beard Day 2022 is quickly approaching and we at Zeus wanted to take a minute to appreciate the thing that brings all together: The Beard. For those that don’t know, World Beard Day is marked as the first Saturday of September to celebrate the specimens who rock impressive facial hair. To toast our appreciation of World Beard Day, we’re going to share some cool and kooky facts about our friend The Beard. Let’s get started!

1. The worlds longest recorded beard belonged to a Norwegian-American named Hans Langseth whose beard measure 17 ft. 6 inches back in 1927. Holy Moly, this guy must’ve used a lot of Beard Shampoo and Conditioner 😉.

2. In the Middle Ages, stroking another mans bear was the universal signal for wanting to duel as it was considered very offensive. I don’t blame them, keep your paws off my beard!

3. Some people suffer from Pogonophobia, which means “fear of beards”. Those who are diagnosed with it experience nausea, sweating, and troubles in breathing upon seeing a bearded person. Try not to scare to many people my bearded brethren!

4. Gold Beards were a major trend back in Ancient Egypt. Men in high ranks would dye their beards and plate them in gold or wear fake metal beards as a symbol of sovereignty. Cool, but that beard do be heavy though.

5. Having trouble breathing? A beard might help with that. Beards can help filter pollen or dust before it reaches a persons lungs and help those who suffer rom allergies. Imagine it, your doctor prescribing you to grow a beard. Awesome.

6. You think growing a beard is high maintenance now? Back in Roman times men were taxed for growing a beard and if they were planning on it, they had to have a beard license. That beard care kit isn’t looking to shabby now, huh?

Happy World Beard Day! Go forth and relish in the joy that is your beard.

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