Another 5 Reasons a Guy Should Grow a Beard

Another 5 Reasons a Guy Should Grow a Beard

Should you grow a beard or not grow a beard? Here at Zeus we ask and answer the hard questions. If you didn’t know yet, we are 100% Team Beard. Here’s 5 reasons why we think you should join the bearded community.

Beard’s make you look friendly

Beards can make you look more approachable. Become a real life teddy bear when you grow out our beard and don’t be surprised if people start wanting to cuddle you.

They are conversation starters

If you want a built in social catalyst, grow a beard. I promise that some way or some how, it’ll make its way into the conversation. This is particularly beneficial to my shy guys. Be prepared for people to ask about it or want to touch it. Beware: there will be compliments.

It’ll help keep you warm

Grow out that beard and never worry about carrying around a scarf again. A nice full beard does wanders in keeping that beautiful mug of yours warm in the winters months. It’s a no brainer for us.

Beards make great Halloween costumes

Think of the endless possibilities you have for Halloween costumes with a beard. No more scratchy fake beards for you. Jon Snow? Easy Peasy. Aquaman? You got it dude. In the mood for the holidays? Sprinkle some baby powder on it and call yourself Santa. The world is your oyster.

Beards show that you can take care of yourself

As much as we love ourselves a good beard, we must admit that it takes some TLC for them to really shine. Washing, shaping and styling your beard is important in keeping it fresh. Beard aficionados know that using a good beard oil and beard balm are what separates the modern man from looking like a cave man. The way you take care of your beard shows that you are devoted and committed; awesome traits to have.

To summarize, beards are awesome and you should grow one. But if you do, make sure to keep things tidy with an easy beard care kit like Zeus Regular Essential Beard Care Set.

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