Dandruff or Dry Skin: How to Identify and Treat

Dandruff or Dry Skin: How to Identify and Treat

After spending so much time working with hair, we have noticed that there is a lot of confusion over what dandruff is. Dandruff, otherwise known as pityriasis capitis, is a chronic condition where flakes of dead skin cells shed. While shedding of dead skin cells is normal and healthy, chronic shedding is due to an underlying problem.

Before you can properly treat Dandruff, you first have to identify which type of flake is causing you trouble. There are two distinct types of flakes: white, small, dry and yellow, bigger, waxy.



If the flakes falling from your head are white, small and dry, you are suffering from dry scalp. Dry scalp is caused by many things: cold air, allergic reactions to shampoos or styling products, and even old age. Treatment for dry scalp is easy. Start with thoroughly brushing your hair before your step into the shower. Brushing down to the scalp will help break down product built up and loosen dead skin, making it easier to wash away in the shower. Next shampoo with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. If dry scalp persists, see a stylist for a deep moisturizing scalp treatment.


If the flakes falling from your head are yellow and waxy, your dandruff could be coming from a problem with the yeast Malazzezia. Naturally found on the skin of many animals including humans. Malazzezia yeast can cause you to develop Dandruff. If left untreated it can spread to your eyebrows, neck and ears. Treatment comes medicated shampoos that can be purchased over the counter. If your dandruff persists, seek help from your doctor.


Flakes on you shoulder are no fun. By spending a little extra time and pampering your scalp, you can say goodbye to flakes and hello to a strong hair game. For more on how to avoid beard dandruff, click here.


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