Easy Beginner Beard Care Routine

Easy Beginner Beard Care Routine

Everyone in the beard community knows the difference between having a beard and having a GREAT beard lies within the beard care routine. A well-groomed beard just hits different. Luckily, incorporating a beard care routine doesn’t have to be all that difficult. We’ve broken down our beard care routine into four simple steps that guarantee make your beard look fuller and feel softer. Trust us, people will notice.

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Easy Four Step Beard Care Routine

1. Brush Your Beard

Before you hit the shower, it is important to brush your beard using a beard brush or beard comb. Brushing your beard has many benefits including distributing natural oils to condition your beard and smooth the follicles. It also is important in bringing up any beard dandruff to the surface so that you’ll be able to wash it off in the shower. Brush your beard in circular motions to pick up any other dirt or debris that needs to be washed off. Having a hard time picking a brush or comb? Here are some great ones to choose from.

2. Trim Your Beard

Trimming your beard doesn’t need to be a daily part of a routine, but something you should do maybe weekly to maintain your beard shape. Take your electric shaver, make sure it has a guard on it and clean up your beard. For a more precise and controlled trim, we prefer to use Beard Scissors. Using scissors allow for a cleaner look, especially for hard to reach places like your upper lip. Trip off any hair that falls below the lip line. Check out our video tutorial on beard trimming if you need more help.

 3. Wash Your Beard

Grab your specially formulated beard shampoo and lather the product onto your face. Make sure to use your fingers and thoroughly wash the hair up till it reaches the base of your skin. This is a vital part of having a healthy beard. Ensure that the water is not too hot and rinse your beard until it runs clear. After this, repeat the process with your beard conditioner. Here’s why it is important to use beard specific shampoo and conditioner.

4. Moisturize Your Beard

Lightly towel dry your face. While your facial hair is still slightly damp, it’s time to break out the beard oil and beard balm. Beard oil or beard balm may be right for you depending on what benefits you are looking for. We break down the difference in this article here, to help choose the best product for you. Taking either a few drops of oil or a dime sized amount of balm, massage it into your beard until thoroughly saturated. If you’d like to style your hair some more, take your beard comb and continue brushing it as desired.

For everything you need to create the perfect beard care routine, check out the Zeus Premium Beard Care Kit.

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