zeus how to clean a beard comb

How to Clean a Beard Comb

Taking care of your beard often requires the use of either a brush or a comb, or even both. These tools are the reason why that mane of yours is so majestic.

However, have you thought about performing maintenance on the brushes and combs you use?

If you use your brush or comb fairly often, it’s going to accumulate hair and gunk. You don’t want to run a nasty brush or comb through your god-tier beard, right?

Additionally, high-quality grooming tools can last a long time if they are properly taken care of.

In this post, we’ll give you a rundown on how to clean your beard comb to keep your grooming tool fresh so that you stay looking fresh.

Cleaning Tools You’re Going to Need

Aside from your dirty beard comb, here is a list of items and cleaning products you are going to need when cleaning your grooming tools:

How to Clean Your Beard/Mustache Comb (Sandalwood or Other Wood-Based Combs)

zeus how to clean a beard comb

Combs are inherently easier to clean than brushes. However, how you clean a comb depends on the material that it is made from.

We will first be addressing how to clean a comb made from sandalwood or other wood material.

Pull out any hairs that have tangled in the comb. Then add a few drops of beard oil onto a paper towel and rub the oil all over the comb.

Make sure to rub the teeth of the comb to remove any accumulated gunk.

If there is still gunk in between the teeth, add a few drops of beard oil onto a toothbrush and brush the debris out of the crevices with a toothbrush.

Finally, take a clean paper towel and wipe the comb to remove any excess beard oil.

After cleaning your wooden beard comb, store it in a location where there is little moisture.

Depending on how often you use your comb, you’ll want to clean it every week or every two weeks.

Why are we using beard oil to clean a wooden comb? Using beard oil will help hydrate the wood as you wipe it clean, which will prolong the life of your grooming tool.

As we mentioned previously, using water to clean anything made out of wood is a big no-no. Doing so will cause the wood to bloat and splinter, and I doubt you want to comb your beard and face with a splintered comb.

How to Clean Your Beard/Mustache Comb (Cellulose Acetate)

zeus how to clean a beard comb

Combs made from cellulose acetate can take more of a beating than their wooden counterparts, so cleaning them is much easier.

First pull out any hairs that have tangled themselves in the comb’s teeth. Then clean the comb using a combination of warm water and beard shampoo or hair shampoo.

Use a toothbrush to help clean the gunk between the teeth of the comb.

When all the gunk and debris have been removed, thoroughly rinse the comb with warm water and dry it with a towel. And that’s it! Now you comb is clean and ready to use.

We recommend cleaning your acetate comb every week.

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