How To Fix a Dry & Brittle Beard

How To Fix a Dry & Brittle Beard

There’s lots to love about the winter time, but one thing we don’t appreciate is the havoc that the cold tends to wreak on our facial hair and skin. Beards look and feel their best when they’re well hydrated and healthy. No one likes a scratchy beard rubbing against their skin, whether that be you or your significant other. If you’re suffering from the perils of a dry beard, do yourself and your loved ones a favor and read this article to get your beard back to its usual softness.

Perfect Your Beard Care Routine:

1. Get in the routine of using a beard shampoo on the daily to cleanse your beard without stripping it of natural oils. Using a regular shampoo would be too drying to your hair and the skin underneath.  



2. After washing out your beard shampoo, massage in a small amount of beard conditioner into your facial hair. Let it sit for a minute or two before washing out.

3. Dab and scrunch dry with a towel, do not rub dry. 

4. Massage in a beard oil or beard balm and use a beard brush to comb through the length of your beard, distributing the product evenly.

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Why Was My Beard So Itchy In The First Place?

We get it, it’s so much more convenient to use an all-in-one type of deal when it comes to personal hygiene. Trust us though, when we say that taking that extra step of getting beard specific products makes all the difference.

You’ve Just Started Growing

There’s no getting around it, new beards are itchy. If you’ve only been growing your beard for a few weeks, it’ll take some time to get to the new sensation of your hair follicles growing through your skin. However, rejoice in the fact that this itchy feeling will not last forever. If the itching is bothering you, it can be relieved by washing your beard with beard shampoo and applying soothing oil to the area. As your beard continues to grow, the itchiness will go away and then you can progress to adding a conditioner or balm to your beard care routine.

You’re not using the right beard care products

We get it, it’s so much more convenient to use an all-in-one type of deal when it comes to personal hygiene. Trust us though, when we say that taking that extra step of getting beard specific products makes all the difference. The bar soap or body wash that you use for your hair will strip your hair of natural oils over time, making it scraggly. Having designated products for designated purposes will ensure your beard stays soft to the touch and comfortable.

Activity Based Factors

If you enjoy the casual swim here and there when you are on holiday, than your beard will most likely not be affected by chemical damage. However, if you swim regularly for exercise there are some things you’d want to keep in mind to prevent beard damage. It should be noted that this type of damage is related to chlorine treated pools as well as saltwater. Before you jump in, consider wetting your beard with freshwater. We also recommend using a beard oil before swimming as well. After your session, rinse your beard and proceed with the aforementioned beard care routine of beard shampoo, beard conditioner, beard oil/balm and brushing your beard.

Environmental Factors

Extreme weather can also have an impact on the state of your facial hair. Living in a very hot or very cold weather without using the appropriate products can cause your beard to be brittle. This can be exacerbated if the area also has high winds and a lot of direct sunlight which can dry your beard out even further.

Split Ends

Another contribution to your beard feeling dry and prickly are split ends. This can only be remedies by giving yourself a little trim every few weeks or so. We recommend going every 6 weeks by stopping by the barber to get rid of these split ends. Of course, you can also save yourself a trip by trimming your beard at home. Remember that in addition to cutting off dead ends, it’s important to trim and reshape your facial hair even if it’s still growing out. Comb through the length of your beard, take a pair of trimming scissors and snip any hairs that grow out of place.

You’re Dehydrated

They say that drinking enough water is a cure all and honestly it just might be. Drinking enough water a day has a number of health benefits, and one of these is related to the state of your hair; the ones on your head as well as the ones on your beard. If your body is not hydrated than your hair will not be as well. So if not topical applications are not doing anything to help the dryness of your beard than try drinking more water. Hydration is key and it can come from water, smoothies, fresh vegetables, coconut water, teas and much more.

It’s Time to Start Fresh

Sometimes it’s time to just let things go, this is when a big chop comes into play. If it’s clear that your beard cannot be salvaged, than you need to cut it down a bit to let new healthier hair grow. If you need professional advice, talk to your barber to explore your best solutions. Don’t worry though, your beard will grow back in new time and you’ll be able to do things right.


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